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Cergentis releases two new application notes: improving QC in cell & gene therapy manufacturing with TLA

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Gene therapy holds great promise for the treatment of many incurable diseases. With increasing adoption of gene therapy, there is a clear and growing need to secure reliable production. Our Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) technology has unique advantages in the quality control of transgenic and genetically engineered samples. TLA can assess the quality and genetic stability of producing cell lines. Additionally, TLA presents important advantages in the quality control of downstream processes in cell and gene therapy product development and production.

Its unmatched ability to detect all SNVs and structural variants in integration sites as well as integrated vector sequences, makes TLA highly suitable for the quality control of genetic engineering results. Moreover, this technology offers a cost-effective and higher resolution alternative to conventional approaches.

TLA has been increasingly adopted in the development and quality control of gene therapy products, in both upstream and downstream processes. Therefore, we have created two new application notes to provide a comprehensive overview of the use of TLA in the development and manufacturing of gene therapy products:

Targeted complete NGS and quality control of transgenes and integration sites in upstream cell & gene therapy manufacturing

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Targeted complete NGS and quality control of transgenes and integration sites in downstream manufacturing of cell & gene therapy products

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