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Cergentis on track with product development of TLA-based targeted complete next generation sequencing on FFPE samples for cancer diagnostics

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With the help of the EU Horizon 2020 grant received last year, our product development team is making fantastic progress with TLA-based protocols on FFPE tumour samples.

By combining proximity ligation with improved targeting strategies, we are able to sequence genes of interest completely, over a large width of 100’s of kilobases, even for FFPE samples with DNA degraded to a few hundred basepairs. The completeness of the sequence information in the targeted regions enables detection of SNVs, while the width of the obtained context information allows detection of structural variants, even when those are complex or large rearrangements.

On clinical FFPE sample with average DNA length <500 bp:

The successful development of the TLA technology for FFPE material therefore enables the detection of all mutations in relevant genes that affect prognosis and/or drug response. TLA will provide unique and critical advantages in the implementation of personalised medicine.

The key applications of the technology will be:

  • Complete sequencing including detection of structural variants of genes relevant for cancer research and diagnostics
  • Breakpoint detection from structural variants, which can be used as very cancer-specific and sensitive markers for minimal residual disease/circulating tumour DNA tests.

We are currently validating the TLA assays for different sample types and applications. If you are interested to work with us in testing your application, please contact us.


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