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Cergentis CHO clone selection in-house

Cergentis introduces in-house solution for CHO clone selection

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Accelerating time to clinic by de-risking clone selection early in the cell line development process


UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – November 2, 2021. Cergentis, a leading provider of genetic quality control solutions based on its proprietary Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) technology, today announced the introduction of its in-house solution for Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) clone selection: CHOice.

CHOice is the company’s first fully integrated in-house solution for CHO clone selection and consists of a reagents kit for the wet lab workflow, user manual, access to Cergentis’ newly developed software platform where customers can perform their own TLA-based analysis, customer & tech support, and expert consultation. With CHOice, Cergentis supports biopharmaceutical companies in their CHO cell line development, by helping them select the right clone for their development programs.  

CHO clone selection

Clone selection, selecting the clone with the preferred genetic make-up, is a crucial step in the cell line development process to produce stable and high-quality biotherapeutic products. Cergentis’ TLA-based genetic QC services have a proven track record in the analysis of genetically engineered pharmaceutical cell lines and clone selection. By identifying siblings and deselecting the clones that contain undesired mutations in the coding sequence of the genome of interest, this comprehensive genomic screening solution allows to de-risk clones early in the cell line development process and to accelerate timelines, by facilitating early phase testing and minimizing time to clinic.

Conventional technologies have limitations with regards to sensitivity, cost, and turnaround time. In contrast, Cergentis’ analytical CHOice platform yields all essential genetic characteristics in a single test, making it an ideal solution to monitor important quality parameters for clone selection.

Fully integrated in-house solution

In addition to Cergentis’ TLA-based services for CHO clone selection, Cergentis now offers a new in-house solution with benefits over using services. Customers will get the same high-quality data and results, but with an even faster turnaround time, elimination of samples shipment risks, keeping everything confidential, cost-effective, and highly scalable.

Cergentis’ CEO Joris Schuurmans elaborates:

We are proud to provide our customers with a fully integrated solution to perform high quality CHO clone selection in-house. From samples, through the lab workflow, to analysis. Our newly developed software platform enables automated unbiased variant calling and reporting, eliminating the need for bioinformatic expertise. This is another great achievement and reflection of our ambition to further solidify our position as a leading genetic QC solutions provider.”

About Cergentis

Cergentis is a trusted genomics company providing services and in-house solutions based on its proprietary genomic analysis platform to leading biopharmaceutical companies and renowned research institutes. With our widely published and recognized genetic analyses, we support our global customer base in the characterization and QC of their genetically engineered models, biopharmaceutical cell lines and cell- and gene therapy products. We aim to support biopharmaceutical medicine development programs worldwide by de-risking R&D program decisions, minimizing time to clinic, providing objective genomic evidence for regulators, and supporting patient safety.

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