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The synergistic acquisition of Cergentis by Solvias creates an unrivaled portfolio of testing solutions to support the development, quality and safety of emerging therapies.

  • Cergentis, a genomics-focused biotechnology company providing genetic QC solutions, has been acquired by Solvias, a world leading provider of GMP analytical services.
  • The acquisition bolsters Solvias’ platform of biologics and cell & gene therapy testing solutions.
  • Cergentis gains access to a comprehensive and high-quality analytical testing portfolio with capabilities spanning all stages of drug discovery, development, and commercial release.

With biotherapeutics becoming more intricate over the years and thus, a growingly complex engineering process, the need to adopt sophisticated solutions capable of probing into the identity, potency, purity, and safety of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) becomes increasingly important. As manufacturers race to identify robust tools to safeguard the quality of their medicines, three specific conditions will likely need to be fulfilled:

  1. Expedite drug development timelines via the development of streamlined, robust GMP-compliant manufacturing processes.
  2. Satisfy the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.
  3. Ensure patient safety.

By securing Cergentis’ proprietary genomic identity assays, Solvias adds another layer of quality to its already broad and information-rich analytical services. In essence, the competitive advantage of these assays lies in their ability to monitor essential critical (genetic) quality attributes in a single experiment thereby facilitating early phase testing, minimizing time to clinic, and helping to ensure safety through better genetic characterization of the medicines.

Archie Cullen, CEO, Solvias, stated:

"The synergistic acquisition enables us to provide our customers with proprietary genetic characterization and quality control assays that support effective decision-making and R&D program design. Together, we strive to ensure the safety of emerging therapies and get them to patients faster.”

Erik Splinter, General Manager, Cergentis, added:

Embarking on a new adventure with Solvias, means joining forces with one of the world’s leading independent pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing companies. By combining our complementary expertise, we are able to offer our customers across the globe with the highest quality solutions and support to safely get their products to market faster.”



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